Lamb of God Garden


The Lamb of God Memorial Garden is a place where the cremains of Christ Lutheran Church members and their families can be interred. This Memorial Garden on our Christ Lutheran Church grounds is a beautiful and fitting resting place for the ashes of our loved ones. This site can be a great comfort and a continued reminder of our links to the Communion of Saints.

The Memorial Garden is thus also a place for us to remember all of the blessed dead – all those saints who have been members of the Communion of Saints from the time of the Apostles up to the present day. Our Lamb of God Memorial Garden is a place to quietly reflect on and remember all of those who have gone before us in the faith – those who are part of the “great cloud of witnesses” who have followed Jesus in lives of faith and commitment.

Our hope is that the Lamb of God Memorial Garden will be a quiet place of Christian remembrance and reflection for the parish of Christ Lutheran Church and the larger Whiting community.

Guidelines and Procedures

  1. Only those cremated may be buried in the Memorial Garden.
  2. No marker of any kind will be placed over the burial site. However, a bronze plate, inscribed with the name, date of birth and date of death may be placed on a plaque that will be installed in the area of the Memorial Garden. The cost of the plate will be picked up by the family of the deceased. In this way the Garden itself becomes the memorial rather than the exact burial site.
  3. There is no set fee for members of the Church for interment in the Memorial Garden (outside of the cost of a plate with the name, birth and death dates of the deceased). However, most families who avail themselves of the services of the Memorial Garden will wish to make some contribution to the Lamb of God Memorial Garden Fund.
  4. Funds received for the interment of ashes will be used for the maintenance and beautification of the Memorial Garden.
  5. The burial of cremains can normally follow the service of the burial of the dead in Church. This would entail processing from the Church building to the Memorial Garden where the pastor would conduct the service of the Committal immediately following the church service (or any time thereafter more suitable for the family). The service for the interment of cremains can also be conducted following a memorial service in a funeral home as well.
  6. Ashes of the deceased must be in a biodegradable container (usually a simple cardboard container) available from the funeral directors. No permanent urns are allowed.

Arrangements for the burial of cremains should be made through the Church Office. Please call the Office (9 AM - 3 PM, Monday to Thursday, and 9 AM – 12 Noon Friday) at 732-350-0900, or speak with the Pastor.